And so our story begins.


Introduction; The players.

6 members now stood around their party leader, each with determination burning in their eyes.  (They will be called character names in this, for anonymity and dramatic effect!)  The Pastor had just spoken, his words full of hope and warning.  The Wife was shaken, but still unrelenting.  The First Believer had delivered news to the FullFatherAlchmeist(The Alchemist) and startled the group.  The one called The Witness let his smile shine, showering the room with serenity.  The Genius and The Bearer were ready to hear the next step of their quest.

The light within Alchemist’s philosopher stone had begun to signal them all that The Alchemist himself had awaken from his decades long slumber and set upon a quest.  From the urgency of the stones intonations, each of them knew it was time to stand with the Alchemist and begin a journey that none of them would ever forget.

“I shall mount this Dark Horse and challenge even the rider upon the Pale Horse, until either we succeed, or the rider takes me”, said the Alchemist.


Not every post will be like this, but some will, for those of you that like an adventure


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