This is my mid life crisis. It’s a journey of self discovery and RE discovery. The campaign is my ultimate delusion of grandeur  brought to life by a series of both fortunate and unfortunate events.
I suffer from 2 known mental illnesses, OCD and Depression. The stories I have shared are all the truth.
During this “transformation”, I have made many positive breakthroughs and taken more steps towards making my life better than ever before.
Those of you with me in this, thank you!
There will be many whom will not follow me through all this šŸ˜¦ It both saddens me, and joys me, knowing that we(both parties) will be free of toxic people in our lives.
I don’t understand how something can be painful and freeing(is that the right word?) at the same time.

I will now only give gfm updates once a day.  The rest of the story is going to unfurl here.  If you are reading this, thank you!  Please take a moment to read my gofundme link, that’s where the Prologue and first chapters of transformation begin.

I will not share names of anyone I know, unless I ask them for, and receive the ok to use  them.

Myself and MANY others like me suffer from mental illnesses.  I have tried Biomedical remedies, to no avail.  I am dedicating my life to curing these illnesses with Biochemistry.  My personal stories name will be “FullFatherAlchemist”.  The meaning of this is fully explained in the prologue.

Pass along my words, if you want.  I will find a cure for our illnesses or die trying after a life long study.



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