Music; Memory, and Learning.

In my personal experience I have found that music(different variations of harmonic resonance) can stimulate memory and learning, as well as compartmentalize certain “eras” of my life.  This is all relevant to my research, as I believe that the standing macromolecules chemical reaction can be varied by different sound waves.  Repetition, harmony, volume, pitch, tone, and (frak, forgot to write the last one down:( my bad.) Resulting in a theory that Music could help with alchemical healing.

I have learned that, if I play certain songs over and over(the song at which was playing at the moment of learning something) I can keep on track and focus on learning and retaining what I was reading.

Interestingly enough, I have 4 books, due here tomorrow, on the way.

the Trivium, Quadrivium, Scienca, and a more complex version of the Trivium.  They will all help me learn wtf I’m talking about and why I could be on to something.  With the added bonus of learning “how to learn better”.


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