another new book!

Just ordered Mutus Liber from amazon, should be a fun read to help with story writing elements.  Have a really great morning as ideas for writing a book to maybe help pay for college.  But I don’t want to charge people to hear my thoughts.  So I will keep a job as long as I can:)  unless,   (Cue Celine Dion music) for just a simple donation of 30 cents(round it up to a $1 if it’s easier) you could “adopt” an angry line cook of your very own.  You, yes YOU!  Every $25 worth of donations saves an angry line cook an hour, OR MORE!, of freedom from his tyrannical printer!(fellow line cooks know the sound of our people)

For less than a cup of coffee a day, you could save tens of service staff members from the horror of seeing these angry line cooks caged up for so long.

You could see it like you are “pre ordering” all the books I ever write!

Don’t forget, books take a lot of side characters for motivation, “side quests”, and new players.  Tell me who you really are, and your real mental disorder, and then we’ll create a character for you or someone you know a character to be represented.  I will include everyone’s character somehow.  Their story matters, YOUR story matter, we all matter.  Help me get mine out there, so we are all remembered.(more importantly I can stop working and focus on schooling!  there is a long way to go.)


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