I have always seen hubris as a flaw.  By definition it is the appropriate word for any person on a dedicated mission in life. Any great human to have walked this earth and made a discovery due to his life long quest was full of hubris.  We are always warned of Icarus’ tale.  Pride before the fall.  “But let now  the light shine on those doubts.  That the 3rd set of seeds, whose roots are shallow, will not find a greater hold and grow into failure.” – J

As I set my goals higher and higher, I started to become more fearful, planting seeds of doubt as fast as I can harvest them.  I kept focusing on Icarus and the warning given to those who would reach for greatness.  Yes, I could fail.  Yes, I could fall back into depression.  Due to my OCD I could suddenly and inexplicably lose all interest in this course of action.  These are all real possibilities I face with every single step forward. If this happens, then there will be no reason to push forward again.  I fear that I will lose all hope.  As I write these very words, I instill within myself, the crippling fear of failure.  Which is why I chose to embrace my hubris.  I have a Biochemical Theory.  I need only the science to prove it, or disprove it.  I feel the magnitude of my theories’ success is worth me dedicating the rest of my time, aside from those moments already given to my family, to seeing my goals achieved or dissolved in the proverbial alkahest.  This will truly be my magnum opus.  I will not fear the heat of sun, for my wings will be not man made, but present to my by the natural order.

Back to research and some entertainment(book writing).  I have requested of my son, and soon my daughter, whom are both amazing artists, that he create some drawings of the characters of the story.  I asked that he create his own character for this book.  I led him through the ways of character creation and development.  He seems very excited about this project.  I have asked my youngest son to keep his eye out for a rock with red and white colors on it.  We will then get a rock tumbler, shine it up, and use it as our “alchemist stone” while we talk about where the story will go and what not.



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