One more step on my road to avoiding perdition!  I awoke to my wife’s alarms.  In my normal fashion, I roused abruptly and insisted the alarm be turned off.  Which my wife translated into “you need to get out of bed so I don’t wake up to your alarm again.”  I then, instead of rolling over and going back to sleep, turned on a Classical for Studying Radio, on Pandora and grabbed my book Trivium book and started to read.  I reached the point;

Audacious Avian Arise!

Ascend Aloft to Azure Skies!

Alert to your Angelic strain

Our Aspirations soar Again!

Once I read this, I stopped to think about what it means it pertains to the book, my self at the present time, and how it could apply around me.(It’s just a poem from the book, but it’s relevance is significant.  The starting of language is sound, the start of alphabet of sounds is A.  This is the start of my academic life.  This is where I learn about the world beyond myself again.  After all the hours abolished by agonizing apathy and antipathy about anxious annoyances, I have applied the appropriate amount of assertive awareness in order to achieve my altruistic aspirations of abolishing abnormal cell signals.

I also made my wife an apology breakfast (for the first time EVER) and “Chef’d” it all up, will have a pic on Instagram soon.  All of this happened and hour and a half before I would normally wake up.  I should sob openly for all that wasted time, previously, but I have no choice but to continue forward.

“SPOON” – The Tick


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