Every Step

Every step of the way on my current journey has been simply breathtaking, and I have not even left my own area(North Iowa).  Today is another landmark, to me, in my little part of this giant cosmos.

6 Views today, to my little page, from around the world.  WHOA!!  I personally want to say hello to the 2 views from Kenya, 1 from the Philippines, 1 Australian, 1 United Kingdom, 1 India. Hello from corn surrounded north Iowa, USA.  I would love to have you all in one room for a conversation just to hear the different accent sounds and names and word variations.  I bet that harmony would be incredibly enjoyable.

This morning has been good.  I have been helping a close friend search for townhouse/condo down in Texas.  He has some to the realization in life that yard work does not bring him peace, therefor he does not want to do anymore.

My anxiety has been triggered.  I’m trying to narrow down the cause, but as of now, It’s based on my low tolerance for distractions.  I feel that if I get distracted too long, I’ll stop all forward progress.  This is significance is, that is how I would always revert back to complete introversion.  So I believe the distraction internally scares me.  Much to do, little time to do it.

Your Friend, Loved One, Family Member, or Interesting Stranger;

Jarred J Brown.  I’m glad you are here we me.  We are not alone.  I’m listening now.

What’s in a name?  According to Shakespeare, nothing.  According to Plato, everything.  Read the Cratylus and for your own opinion, don’t rely an only on those that walked a path before you, for that was not your path, it was theirs.  Be the trailblazer, the adventurer.  Imagine yourself to be your own Indiana Jones or Robert Langdon.  Don’t wait for someone to do something you could benefit from, do it yourself -J



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