My true life goal. My Quest.

I believe that some iteration of the fabled Alchemy Stone exists.  In some form of a combination solid molecules of plant, animal, and mineral with that of sound and temperature.  That it should be possible within this planet to locate each of those individual parts and to bring them together to actually heal the human body, rather than treat, or medicate it.  Be it the Al-iksir, or any other mythological names it has been give, but we have been unable to discover.  Along this quest I will find the cure for our “mental illnesses” or more literally, stabilize the relation ship between our own cells in harmony with one another(reactive or deactivate the proper cellular receptors), in order to create a more stable internal person.  You heard it here!  When I find it, you read it first!(Picture this as my digital autograph to you all)  All joking aside, this is now the journey I am on, the first steps have been taken, the next 5-10 years roughly planned out ahead of me.

^That is all from the mind of a 43 year old man that has battled depression all his life.  That same man has had his own internal breakthroughs and wants to find real cures now to reach every person on earth.  Just 2 month ago I was an angry line cook with a great family and good life, but I lived in a consistent state of perceived misery.  I felt I was trapped, no hope, no way out.  The quest was presented to me and I fully accept it.  Whether it take 10 years or 100(lets be realistic, more like 40ish, I’m no spring chicken) I will spend every moment I have seeking this solution.  I will learn the science to prove or disprove what I believe.  I will then obtain the proper credentials so that people can trust all my hot air. I will not be swayed by “it can’t be done” “Alchemy is in the past for a reason” “Alchemy and Medicine are the same thing”  I have been held down and held back for too long.  Now it time to soar in the clouds.

For all of my gamer friends out there.  It means I have maxed out my cooking skills and it’s time to get back to the story line.

Do there exist many worlds, or is there but a single world? This is one of the most noble and exalted questions in the study of Nature. -AM (some of his manners of thinking are archaic at best, but his overall meaning is what matters)


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