Chapter 1, Part 2 of FFA

“And so it was.  The signal had been sent.  Each heard the call in their own time.  From the span of the globe, the stone’s call was heard.  The anima mundi was dying” “That’s the last thing I heard before I woke up from my torpor”, said The Alchemist to the Bearer.  The Bearer shrugged and smile.  It was simple enough to him.  He’s the one that said it, before hanging up his phone just, just days before.

“Where do we start?” asked The Bearer.  “Southern California, to my best estimate.”  was the reply he heard as they continued walking toward ticket counter.  As they approached the counter, they could both tell this poor ticket counter girl has anywhere better to be than here.  She hadn’t looked up from her media device until The Alchemist had cleared his throat.  “Where would you like State Hopper Airlines to sweep you off to today”, the young woman droned.  Might as well have been reading the ingredients on a shampoo bottle.



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