New Dawn

“Today will be another great day, I can feel it.”  That’s what successful people say in their mornings.  That is what I finally declared to myself this morning.  Today will be full of family and friends.  I like to dedicate Sunday’s (my only weekend day off) to spending time with loved ones, even if I don’t know I love them yet 😀  So, in the amazing words of a person I just recently made acquaintance;

Die Baume

Die Blumen

Der Wind

Sie horen alles

Unser Flustern

Und wenn ju zuhorst

Sie erezahlen Inhnen eine Million Geschichten

Uber die Welt

-Pooja of Kenya-(if you would like another title, contact me young one)

After I began studying the art of sound (Thanks to the Trivium) her work was the first I has seen with both translation done by her.(Great idea)  So I decided to use a “universal translator” to plug her poem into so I can hear what Socrates was talking about in the Cratylus.  Have a great day!




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