Goals: The Transforming

So, as you all can tell, it’s be one heck of a great morning already.  Through my works here(both stories) I will eventually reveal(through personal demonstration) that Alchemy is both real and relevant in modern times.  I will also show you, step by step, how it applies to both the physical world, the stuff you react with in the environment.  Die Welt.  Thanks to PoojaG@ https://lifesfinewhine.wordpress.com/about-2/for all the inspiration!

The other part of Alchemy will be explained through the novel of The Full Father Alchemist.  It will show the metaphysical aspect of it through bardic embellishments and dramatic license.  I appreciate, in advance, any sharing of these stories as they “write themselves”

In the end, I will tie them together to show you all that there is no difference in both sides.  It all becomes semantics and perspective.  Embrace both sides.  Don’t get stuck on words or specific, finite, meanings.  Remember, like the Trivium teaches us, grammar is subjective.  I hope you enjoy this journey as much as I do!  It’s been a blast so far.  When I can figure out how to attach pics and vids from my phone, to here, you will get to see more 😀  (I have recruited my super smart and technically inclined friend Jeff to help with all this stuff, he’s my closest friend and most trusted companion.)  Maybe I will just break down and buy a damnable separate web cam.(the spell checker is REALLY starting to get my hackles up, it’s telling me I’m stupid, without offering solutions(Google to the rescue every time).


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