That word is a draconic representation of modern day Mental Health.  It’s that which makes us Think, Feel, Dream, Imagine, or otherwise conceive of concepts yet to be set in a physical “seen” form.  What it actually is, is the macro molecules of our “Mental” system and how their interactions with other stimuli make us Feel, or our emotional health.

If you say that word in today’s public, you are instantly placed into the “talking about fantasy” cubicle of peoples thoughts.  While it should understand it as the actual, physical science behind why/how/when you feel things, internally.  When you are sad/mad/raging you can literally feel yourself “on fire” inside.  Pulse is heightened, adrenal glad is in use, and your ability to focus is magnified.  This allows a person in danger to react faster and make it out alive.

That’s not magic, or some “psychobabblebull”, it’s your molecules communicating with each other in order for you to feel what you need to survive and thrive.  Your those molecules are influenced by, you guessed it, Alchemical processes.  The elements and stimuli(like sound) are causing the molecules to transmute from docile human at rest and change them into an organic machine ready for anything.

For some of us, those signals are TOTALLY FUBAR.  We experience, lets say, an anxious feeling about someone hurting our feelings.  For some of us, that “anxiety” signal does not stop the moment it needs to.  The signal receptor or either open for too long, over stimulated by external molecules, or even 100% depressed(total communication failure) and that feeling of anxiety continues for 5 mins, 30, or f’n worse DAYS.  It is a mistake to think that those people are “just” any basic garbage word you wanna brand them with.  I know cells just need to be reprogrammed so they can act normal, I just need to learn the how/when/why/what to be able to heal those cells, rather than treat them, or force over stimulation, suppression, or depression.

My OCD works like this; I like thing A, just like you do.  You can like many things at once.  Such as Things A, B, C, D, E, F, G.  While I cannot change channels past C.  My cells are too busy stuck open on thing A.  The only way I can then think of ANYTHING beyond thing a, is to dull those signal by repeating a “mind numbing” task.  Thus stunning those cells so the signals can process correctly again.  Certain natural Phytocannabinoids are theorized to be able to manipulate our human cells naturally thus assisting them in repairing cell receptors.  My pursuit of Alchemy is based on both physical based knowledge gained over 43 year and knowing that mental health is actually physically manipulatable.  I will find a way to heal the cells, rather than treat them.



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