Lapis Philosophorum

The fabled Philosopher Stone.  Mentioned in nearly every religion in some form.  It’s power is creation.  Not of the literal create something from nothing sense.  What the legends say is that it holds the power of healing and transformation.  It’s widely believed that this is a physical stone.  This is completely false.  It is of this earth, yes. Scholars and philosophers throughout time have attempted in vain to decipher the texts correctly.  Their only guides, to my knowledge, have been the Mutus Liber, and alchemical recipe of sorts.  It’s not written in speakable words, it’s written in Geometry.  As the Quadrivium, this means it’s Objective.  No room for a false translation.  The other is the much more well know item, The Emerald Tablet of Hermes.  Rumored to have been view by the greatest minds of their time, the translations given are all very similar and have one fairly clear interpretation; The Stone may very well be Humans, in a male and female pairing(not sex, gender).  This is the start of my theory as I start to discover the healing properties of the human body in it’s interactions with both other humans and possibly, the earth itself.  Study time!


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