My Ironic Easter

I swear I am not embellishing on this at all.  Last night was a very tough night.  After I felt assaulted but physically and mentally at work, by the very people I have been trying to help(long story).  The physical was an accidental(or passive aggressive) burn to my hand…near the wrist, photos on my Instagram.  Today was nothing less than the best holiday I have spent with my family.  We spent every minute of it interaction with each other through a myriad of things such as Easter Egg hunt, putting up bird houses, repainting some window borders, tree trimming, and then lunch together, at a neat little Chinese buffet.  The entire day I felt like a new man.  The irony is not lost on me.  Good Game G.

Looking forward to every day now.  See you all along the way.  If you have a recipe you would like added to my book, please email it to me  Still trying to find my fiction muse, she must be on break:D



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