Forward Progress or Surreal Situations

I have had some great correspondence with my future college:)!  Things seem to be falling into place nicely.  The levels of personal action and activity are high.  The depression seems to be completely at bay, for now.  Today has felt like that of a Tsunami.  Overwhelming and yet I was able to “ride the waves” thus far.  Finding constant grounding points is good for me.  Talking to my family and friends helps to “make it all real” and keep it from just being a forgotten notion or dream.  My next steps will be a challenge that I must figure out how to solve.  I will be starting school this coming Autumn.  I am so bad with money, I have to find a way to funnel what I make into just bills, family upkeep, and now moving to a new town AND securing loans for school.  To me, this is the hardest.  I despise money, but understand it’s relevance.  I just have to keep pushing forward.  I still hold the fear in the back of my mind that a full reversion could set in, but I find it unlikely now.  The contact I have met from the college is very easy to deal with.  I just hope she reads all this, to understand their new student better.


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