Our 11th Anniversary

My wife and I have been out of town since the 20th.  We went on a long road trip to Denver, CO.  This turned out to be the best trip ever.  I will share much more later, but the constant activity and mental assault(small amounts of social anxiety).

Our trip started out like all the others we have done.  We left after I got off work, 11pm.  We were no in any hurry.  We made a blanket fort in our rented SUV and caught a few much needed rest.  The next morning we were up and at it very early.  Our first stop of interest was the Lexington Military Vehicle History Museum.  The veteran that ran it was a quiet man.  I gathered he had seen more in his service than any human should have to.  He was a stoic and confidant man.  It was such a great museum.   http://heartlandmuseum.com/index.php  My wife was able to fit into all of the seats of the M2 Bradley fighting vehicle.  It was the size of our living room!

After the long road trip, I was tested in many ways.  There were several small things that went wrong with our initial check-in to our hotel, the Double Tree by Hilton in Denver.  Instead of having a depressive break down(like normal), I was able to shake it off, thanks to the efforts of my wife and the assistant manager, Sean.  Sean is the epitome of customer service done right.  He listen patiently, reacted appropriately, and his positive attitude never waivered.

One of our most enjoyable moments was at the Colorado Rockies game vs the San Francisco Giants.  We arrived slightly late, but sat down during the 4th inning.  It had just started to sprinkle.  Before we knew what was going on, the bases were loaded and #27 Trevor Story stepped up to the plate.  Like a moment out of time, Story hit his first career grand slam!!!  Shortly after, in the same inning, there was a 2 run infield homerun!(I think that’s what it was called) .  The rest of the game was full of electricity and the crowd was enjoying every bit.  The Rockies won 6-5!  We have decided that baseball will be our new couples hobby.  Since it is new to us both, we will be on even footing as far as knowledge and games watched.  Go Rockies!

We also visited the Denver Zoo and Denver Museum of Natural History.  Both of these activities were pleasant in their own right(except the Imax film we watch, which turned out to be a long global warming commercial, was supposed to be Extreme Weather).  The biggest thing they lacked was our children.  Without them, none of our normal joys destinations were as fulfilling.

To most normal people, all of these activities are innocuous.  To those of us who suffer from mental conditions, these were great feats.  I tried to back out of going to the Rockies games several times.  I voted to leave early, because of the kids.  My wife stood beside me the entire time.  Ushering me towards our goal of strengthening our marriage.  We met a myriad of people that were very pleasant to interact with.

If you ever get the chance, visit Denver.  I believe that their laws allow people a bit more freedom in their choices, thus empowering each citizen into improving their standard of living.  Since some medical avenues don’t have such harsh side effects and are far more cost effective, the citizenry has the option of feeling better and working towards healing, rather than focus on base treatment and added stress of financial strain.  The positive mood was noticeable in every aspect.  Drivers were more polite and attentive.  Customer service employees we encountered were more relaxed and able to “go with the flow”.  This was true for most every place we visited in Colorado.

We visited a dispensary, http://lightshade.com/lightshade-holly/.  This was a great first experience.  The staff was fantastic.  Each person was stationed in a certain area during their shift.  The point of this was, the owner/operator holds that person accountable for every single thing in their area for that day.  They were all knowledgeable, professional, and personable.  Their alternative medicine works.  Don’t take my word for it, always do your research.

Overall it was a great trip and I am now excited to do more activities in life, rather than just sit on my PC and slowly die.  Most people won’t know our struggle.  Hopelessness, fear, doubt, and all the other plagues in our minds.  I will keep pushing to find our cure.  I’m so tired of the simplest life activities feeling impossible.  We are not alone.  We can know peace.


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