I’m Jean Valjean?

I love making connections with movies/songs/musicals.  Jean Valjean made a massive character shift in his middle ages, I look to Les Miserables for inspiration and help keep pushing myself.  Director Kevin Smith was a trailblazer for independent film makers and young dreamers alike!!!  My personal favorite, Diamond Dallas Page, started his professional Wrestling career in his late 30’s early 40’s.  He took charge of his own life and forged his own path.  Harrison Ford…most of us know his story.  He had some fame in his early years, but it was his midlife that brought the best roles to him.  Eminem (Marshal Mathers) knows the fight I’m fighting now.  He’s beaten these demons already, or at least used his battles with them and crafted some of the best music I have ever enjoyed.  Those are my celebrity “heroes” that help me believe I can do more.

My strongest inspiration in life is my own father.  From his birth to where he stands today has been nothing short of greatness in my eyes.  He came from a home with nothing, literally.  A single used toy was his Christmas, lost a brother at a very young age, and put up with the horrible mentality of a small town in the middle of north Iowa.  His accomplishments are legendary in my eyes.(many others would agree)  He joined the military right out of school and married my mother shortly after.  Their life is a success story of perseverance, dedication, faith, duty, honor, compassion, and sacrifice.  I tried to follow in my father’s footsteps, by joining the Air Force right after a little college.  I was crushed by my OCD and depression that had already  been started years before.  He, on the other hand, spent over 30 years dedicated to God, our family, and our country.  From Airman Basic to Lt. Colonel.  He had the option of taking one of several full Colonel position, but passed on them, choosing family instead.  He also passed on moving us to DC to get even higher rank, so he could focus on us more!  I have tried to be like him in every way I can.

My mother’s story is no less impressive!  From a small town farm girl, to college graduate, and beyond.  Her compassion was the perfect counter balance to my father’s harsh attitude.  She tempered us with tolerance and serenity, while my father forged us with honor and discipline. (us being my brother and I).  I have seen her as an assembly worker at an RV manufacturer, a counselor for battered women, and on to management in a great retail company.

Thanks for listening.  Thanks for stopping by.  You are not alone.  We can all make our own future.  Mine will be one that I dedicate to curing mental illness by natural means.  I will start by studying Philosophy, to look into each religions views on natural healing with words and the study of belief systems.  I will then switch to Biochemistry where I will find out how I got healed and spread that on to the world(God willing).  Thanks to this blog, anyone who stops by will know the progress!


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