Hope; the next frontier

One of the greatest gifts we have ever had is hope.  It drives us, motivates us, and comforts us through our toughest times.  When you mix equal parts hope and determination(I know there is a ton more, but poetic license keeps it shorter) you get the core of human success.  We have within us, the ability to change the world we live in.  Be it in small ways, like treating one another better or in huge ways, like dedicating oneself to the betterment of all mankind.  I see so many different people stop by and read a thing or two I have written and it give me hope, helps fuel my determination, and motivates me to keep pushing towards the goal of healing whom I can.

I watch an interesting program last night, Bill Nye Saves the World.  Last night was an episode of interest.  He and his fellow cast members spoke about holistic healing(the very subject I am just starting to delve in to).  There are SO many charlatans of all types out there that wish to pervert this cause.  Seeking only to make themselves wealthy off of human hope and fear.  Holistic healing should never cost people.  If it’s all natural, then why would you charge anyone(greed is the only answer)?  I understand research costs money, but human lives are beyond monetary value, so exploiting their health and well being for profit is despicable.  There has to be a better way, the time is now to find it.  Keep the faith everyone.  We are not alone in believing that every human is of the same worth we are.

I had a fun thought today.  What if our answers somehow are connected with technology?  Perhaps Biochemical, Biomedical, and Biomechanical can all work in unison to heal a human body, rather than just treat symptoms.  I will have to look into this.DSCF0313



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