Another moment of doubt

I’m sitting here, nearly paralyzed with fear.  Not fear of failure, a fear of succeeding.  The past few months have been a maelstrom of highs and lows.  Picture yourself in a galleon at sea in a storm.  I feel as though I am only in eye of the storm, waiting for another massive blast depression.  I have not stopped to consider that the storm just might be over.  I do not believe in myself enough to stop for a moment and believe it will work out in my favor(resulting in a benefit to many of us that suffer from depression, anxiety, and other disorders).  These are the reasons I push myself just a little bit more every day.  I feel alone.  When I finally remember that there are so many others like me.  Paralyzed by “clogged” cells.  Depression is brutal.  OCD makes it worse.  That all causes so much anxiety I just sit here typing.  I’m not the only one.  Neither are you.

Time to push a little harder today.


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