Today I encountered a racist.

It was such a surreal moment for me.  In my very core I don’t understand racism/sexism/anti religion.  Each person is accountable for their own individual actions.  You can’t really think every single person of a race/sex/class/religion is a bad person.  But today I was proven wrong.  I was informed that since I was berating whites, by supporting racial freedom and diversity, that it was his right to exclaim his dislike for black people.  I won’t quote him.  As I started to become agitated and aggressive towards his behavior, no one single other person stood beside me in protest.  Not one.  They wanted the conflict ended quickly.  Some did not want it to ruin their day.  My day was already altered by the fact that I have not ever encountered such an ignorant hatred.  I live in the Midwest.  Most all my life I have been here.  Racial diversity is NOT very deep here.  Yet not once had I ever met a true to life racist that was proud enough to declare it out loud.  I ended the conversation stating he was free to have his opinion, but that we were not in the right place to share it.  Some days I feel like I live in an area of suspended reality.  Behaviors and actions that happen no where else(I hope).  Co workers threatening another’s children, drug addicts who come and go as they chose…the list is long and exasperating.  Yet we choose to still work there, because the owner is a nice guy and we get paid well enough.  More reasons to not quit on my quest.


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