Fear of success

Lets be honest.  This is a real thing.  Sometimes we even go out of our ways to sabotage our own victories.  I am a small town human.  I have lived in the Midwest in small cities or tiny towns most of my life.  The college I plan on going to is in the greater New York area.  I am almost ashamed to say I’m terrified at the prospect of being in the 9th most populous area in the world.  I am a middle aged man.  I have the tools and will to complete my goals, but my mind works against itself at times.  I don’t get to blame this on OCD or depression.  This is just normal raw apprehension.

I have developed some new smaller goals.  I want to go to Rockefeller Square at Christmas time.  I want to watch a Yankees game in Yankee stadium.  I want to see a show on the greatest stage in the world, Madison Square Garden.

I have not lost sight on my larger goals, but I feel like I need some interim goals.  Things to look forward to.  Until next time.  Peace to you and yours.


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