4th wall break

Isn’t that was all of our blogs are?  Every time we share a story in our lives with another person.  We show them our pain or joy, explain in detail things they would not otherwise know.  “All the world’s stage, All it’s men and women merely players.”  Going by that Shakeperean insight, it means I’m right.  We play our parts, only to break character and show those whom would listen our truer character.  I reach out often lately.  Hoping that someone, anyone hears me.  Trying to make sense of the odd series of events in attempting to go back to college at age 43.

I have ordered my vaccination records 3 times, to no avail, from the government.  My wonderful parents happened to find the originals and those are not clear enough for the school.  I am currently waiting for my doctor to authorize a titer test so I can finally clear this step.  Next, the IRS sent me the wrong documents and I was only informed they were wrong weeks later by an email stating the correct form was still missing from my file.  This past Saturday I discovered that I am not going to be getting my Montgomery G.I. bill.  I am struggling to find an apartment that will rent to someone with my current salary, which will go away when I move.  I am apprehensive to send out my resume until I can absolutely guarantee that I will be attending school this fall.  At times it feels like all of these obstacles are meant to stop me.  Now I feel like they are just testing to ensure that my OCD isn’t tricking me to rush into something I will just give up on later.  Otherwise my series of unlikely events is simply that I have some really bad luck.  “Your reality is defined by your perception.”  Just to top it all off, I was to hang out with an old friend today, but he is not feeling well.  I do hope he gets well soon.

Thank you for listening, I needed to get that off my chest!  Peace to you and yours.


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