Free will

Had an interesting conversation at work today about free will.  A few authors have touched on this point, so I find our discussion validated.  I see that we don’t really use our free will at all.  If we did, would we continue to sell our time for stuff.  Would we continue to repeat tasks over and over again just so others can eat with plastic silverware?  I find it hard to believe that higher functioning beings like us choose to willingly do harm to others simply on the orders of strangers.  Perhaps something happened back in the early 1900’s.  Maybe some groups of people figured out that the only way to control a population was through constant conflict.  For the record, those events are on record as being true.  So maybe it’s not so far fetched as to think that our perception of freedom and free will are being manipulated.  If you could do anything in the world, would you choose to work with people you would normally never accept in the “real world”?  I wouldn’t.  If I really had a choice, I would not sell my time and my families time for a wooden box that keeps out the rain filled with items of distractions.  I might do so much more…like just live and enjoy what the world and it’s people had to offer one another.

Peace to you and yours.  Wish everyone you see a great day.


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