I love music

In my opinion music is the truest language of this world.  It’s also one of the 4 objective liberal arts.  So it’s just as intrinsic as it’s fellows; numbers, geometry, and cosmology.  It is a constant that is part of everything.  I especially like songs that seem to sing right to us.  Performers such as Katy Perry, Eminem, George Watsky, and Lukas Graham sing right to each listener.  Their life anthems are inspiring and uplifting.  They can bring about deep thoughts and positive emotions.  Was listening to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LHCob76kigA when I was inspired to write a little more.

I have also come to the conclusion that I write to ‘make thoughts real’.  For me that means if I just keep  them to myself, they get lost in the maelstrom that is my mind.  I seek out their validation in the form of likes and views.

Whether you are tethered to a reality of normalcy or you let yourself dream beyond the bonds of this mortal coil, music can help stir up images and thoughts to uplift and encourage all of us.  It would be cool to hear your favorite artist, I like expanding my horizons.  Comment them, so that myself and others might find something new to listen to.


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