Timing is everything

I just got done reading a fellow Blogger’s article https://beautybeyondbones.com/2017/07/03/permission-to-feel/

Sharing this because it really hits home and I think others could use the great idea.  When you are dealing with a disorder, physical or mental, there are often feelings of shame and regret buried deeply within us.

I feel like all the years I spent closing myself off from nearly everyone due to depression and then the anti-anxiety/anti-depressants I was on triggering my Obsessive Compulsive Disorder caused an internal shut down.  I no longer wanted to hang out with anyone.  Only my closest friend, Jeff, and my family got any social interactions.  I still regret all of the missed time, but like BeautyBeyondBones expresses, it’s ok for me to take time to feel those lost feelings.

I really enjoy the synchronicity that occurs around the blog universe.  As if each person is somehow connected beyond the typed words.

This 4th of July is a going to go a little differently for our family.  My teenage son will be spending it with his girlfriend.  The rest of us will be with my folks, lighting some fireworks off, as per the norm.  I don’t speak of my family much here, but they are the core of my life.  Enjoy your holiday if you choose to celebrate it!  For those of you elsewhere in the world, take a moment out of your day to give us a wave and we’ll do the same.  Peace to you and yours.


2 thoughts on “Timing is everything

  1. I sympathize with this feeling. I went through something similar. In some respects, I feel as though parts of me have been asleep my entire life (but they’re beginning to stir, now!).

    Hope you & your crew had a safe holiday!

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