a walk by the lake

Today I spent time with a good friend.  I have not seen him in quite some time, but we are able to talk as though it was the same conversation from years ago.  The interaction swung back and forth as we shared previous memories and recent events until it finally opened up into a great philosophical discussion about everything from esoteric to exoteric subject matter.  It was a fantastic mental release.  I will share more about it later, when I can give a better view rather than just regurgitating the topics.

One of the myriad of topics we covered is our different view points.  I seem to be more of instrumental type, doing a good number of things for the simple purpose of the end result.  He on the other hand has a more autotelic style to his methods, meaning many of the activities he is involved in are for the enjoyment of the act.  This was kind of eye opening for me, in that I may try and find a few more things in life that I do, simply because I enjoy doing them.  That’s not to say I don’t enjoy the things I do, for instance I love watching movies and there are a few video games I like to play for their competitiveness.

I guess what I see is that I love cooking, but since I do it as a job, I no longer get the satisfaction of the act, only that I push for results every day.  I love creating things for people to try while I wait in quiet anxiousness for their approval or critique.

As we walked and spoke about the different topics, I honestly felt like we were a pair of philosophers contemplating the vastness of our existence as well as the meaning of individual actions.  It was a great time that will shall repeat until one of us is called away again.  I miss having open minded friends to talk with.



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