Sadness of Snowflakes

I realized the other day that we, the human race, are all special little snowflakes.

We are each a unique individual from the moment of creation, until we are then reminded that we are, in fact, all the same drops of water as we return to the earth.

I hope more people will come to see it this way.  The only way to bring more harmony to our world is to stop being in constant conflict.  Remember to love your individuality AND your unity.

So I ask you, when you see you are the same, does it make you sad to know that for all of your uniqueness you are the same as the worst person you’ve ever met?  Or are you happy that you are the same as the most amazing humans to every walk the earth?  I say choose to accept both truths as one and the same.  Don’t polarize yourself as much.



2 thoughts on “Sadness of Snowflakes

  1. Love this. I’ve been on a “self love” journey. In doing so, yes, it’s important to not only love yourself but unity as well. As with anything in life, it’s all about balance.

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