Working through depression

Since my recent ordeals in mental breakdowns and breakthroughs I have seen great improvements in my home life.  Stronger relationships with my children and a much more robust relationship with my wife.  One thing I would like to share with you all is something I learned just recently.  It’s termed as being polarized.  Long story short, when I have negative thoughts come in to my head, most all of them unwelcome, I start literally saying an internal mantra of “I don’t accept the negative”.  Meaning that I reject the constant stream of negative that pours in at certain times.  Those of you with OCD will be able to relate.  It does not instantly remove the thoughts, but it gives me a different focus, the mantra, and not getting mentally steam rolled by unwanted thought processes.  I have stood for upwards of 30 seconds at a time, even going so far as so saying it out loud when I feel absolutely overwhelmed.  The other thing to try is taking your shoes off and sit outside for a little while.

Dealing with the depression itself requires a lot of internal focus.  Letting yourself feel those old forgotten feels and ALLOWING yourself to move past.  There are many times recently that I feel as though I’m still on the razors edge and could go over any time, but the previously mentioned “I reject the negative” mantra helps me a great deal even in that.

That’s all for today, I am still searching for more recipes to share to make the cook book a little bigger.  Peace to you and yours.


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