on pause

My dreams of moving to the east coast and going back to school must be pause again.  It’s more like rescheduled.  It is simply too expensive to move from the Midwest to the East Coast in such a short time.  Now that I feel far more internally reconciled I can focus on moving forward again, rather than be so focused inward.

On this subject, I despise our financial system.  It was created to trade tangible items from person to person.  Now it’s much more obscure.  We don’t carry currency as often.  We use a digital system of belief.  I say it like that because there is not enough cash in the world for every single person to withdraw at once.  Meaning much of the money we think we have does not actually exist in a physical form.  On top of that some people even trade that for purely digital items.  Things/experiences that would not be accessible without a media device.  This point of this little rant was that in the USA the costs for any person has increased so much farther than it should, based on a system that is digitally inflated.  Remove the theoretical monies and IOUs from the system and see where costs then settle.

Thanks for listening!  Until next time, peace to you and yours.


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