All types of music

I am one of the few people I know that actually enjoys all manner of music.  Rap, Rock, Country, R&B, Jazz, Heavy Metal, Punk, Alternative, and all the music of different countries.  I enjoy the entertainers that write their own music, because they use the music to tell their story.  Above that they create melodic tales of things you may not know yet.  Every type of music tells a life story, just through different perspectives.  Country used a very grounded and rousing style to tell the tales of cowboys, the simple life, and the outdoors.  Rockers sing ballads of love that can shake your soul.  Metal music is tough for a lot of people to listen to, because the words normally come from someone who understands real pain.

Rappers are by far my favorite because they now encompass all walks of life.  Rich and poor they sing songs we understand.  The leaders of this revolution of rapping about real life for me started back in the days of “gangsta rap”.  They dared the system to stop them from telling us about how ugly the streets could be to people.  They shouted out against injustice.  People hated hearing them.  Because they used vulgarity, but the world is a vulgar place.  It scared a lot of people when they realized what had been hidden from them.  Groups like NWA challenged a broken system and won after a bloody battle.  Our eyes are more open to our brothers and sisters who live worlds away from us.  So we can stand with them.  Now there are rappers who stand up for the broken souls.

The Warped Tour showed me the depths that musicians will go to get their messages out.  Associations like A Voice for the Innocents, which is an abuse help group were there to support the fans.  All of the voices that go unheard had performers there to let them know they were NOT alone.  A message that I myself try and propagate.  It was moving to me.  As most people would shun the concert goers.  They dressed different.  They wore their hair in stranger ways.  In that atmosphere they were all accepted.  This is the power of music.  Thanks for listening.  Until next time, peace to you and yours.


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