I wanna write a song

Rap saves the world; Part 1, by Jarred Brown

I wish a was lyrically gifted to be able to simply think of songs and spit them.

I heard my inspiration knocking, while my wife was out shopping.

I can’t rhyme to the time so sublime would it be if I could chime to rhythm and sing nicely on key.  But I don’t know if I can keep a beat, not sure if I could take the heat. I don’t have a plan of attack nor stack of fat cash to try and reach out to the souls in the back. I just know I hear a call and this time it’s not my mom, maybe it’s somebody who can tell me what in the f&*k is supposed to be going on.  I’m just a plain ole dad, never really been that rad, couldn’t be cool in if I sat on a stool in a pool of ice water.  I wonder why I bother, then I remember when I came to hear all them rapping their troubles out to a world that just happen to wrap them around lies while their cappin’ not nappin.  I can hear them now, talkin’ about the law(loaw) and how unfair their share was when, the cops never gave ’em  a chance to explain them..selves.  Thrown to the curb as though they were just trash, these smart young kids figured out how to cash( pause) in on this terror that was for sure made in error, for not one soul of us thought it real, just some mirror(Speed up here) image of a place we’ve only seen in our movies to busy to know that their pain could not heal under the heel of system of that couldn’t feel their schpiel about how it’s real and not reel.

Rap saved the world, from my point of view.  We’ve seen to many facts to try and askew;

It’s just a matter of time before this theory mine is shared by my kind. (crappy hook, but this is my first try)


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