My obsession with Rap music

To me it seems odd that a man my age would still be so interested in rap music.  It seems to me it’s a young mans music.  I would be wrong though.  My love of the Hip Hop genre of music started all the way back in 1984 and the movie Breakin’.  It has amazing music, crazy fun dance moves, and a very young Ice-T.  The music itself is just infective and has a special kind of flow to it.  I later enjoyed the heaviest of the Rap genre that started one of the rudest awakenings I have ever know.

They brought to light the gang violence and police brutality that had afflicted the west coast, the spotlight being on Compton, CA.  The music shocked and awed us Midwesterners into a bit of a frenzy.  Crazy urban legends began to pop up from this panic.  All because a few young men decided enough was enough.  They spun into music the grittiest of stories with the goriest of language.  Later in 1991 many of the greatest names in the popular rap game came together to make the song, “Same Gang” calling themselves the West Coast All Stars.  Which was a fantastic song with a great political statement.  They decried the violent gang lifestyle and aimed to change the culture altogether.

A massive change in perspective was given to our country by a bunch of songs.  Stories about an unfairness of the system.  Forcing peoples eyes open to the great divide that was ruining our brothers and sisters.  The rap music of today is only slightly different in that people from all walks of life are stepping in to the rap arena to show of their verbal skills and pass their own messages of hope to different groups.  Life itself is vulgar, don’t let the lyrics turn you away from the meaning.

Thanks for listening.  Until next time, peace to you and yours.


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