one constant; Music

When dealing with OCD, I have to figure out what are temporary obsessions and what are true likes.  In this path in internal discovery I have found only a few.  Music is one of them.  I sang in high school, studied it college, and just keep listening to the myriad of types that continue to develop.  It’s come so far in the very short time I’ve been alive.  It has always held people with it’s power.  From the songs repeated from generation to generation to pass on family history, bards of old roaming city to city singing tales of wonder.  It can be used for war, the beat and flow can control mass movements of troops. Used to rally or signal retreat.  It has transformed into one of the ultimate arts that exist.  As sure as any geometric equation, music is a constant in our lives.

After being able to enjoy the Warped Tour I have really started diving back into music and the stories behind the most recent musical transformations.  It has also inspired me to put more effort back into my cooking skills.  I may not be a musician, but I am a chef.  I create for the mouth what music does for our ears.  I cook mostly fresh cut steaks, with a variety of other entrees like the fish dishes I use in my recipe book.  I don’t put steak recipes, because beef is different for everyone.  Each person enjoys different cuts and temperatures.  Each pair gives a varied texture and flavor bouquet.  So a single recipe would do only a select few any good.  I plan on diving back into discovering new ideas for cooking and making our restaurant even bigger than it is now.



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