Helping Ourselves

I think there are a few misconceptions about depression that I would like to talk about tonight.  For some people it’s not a mood or phase.  It’s a life time.  There are great days and terrible days.

Some may think that losing interest in old hobbies or favorite past times is just you growing up.  To those that suffer severe depression it can feel like a loss of self.  Like a piece of you is missing now that you no longer like a certain music genre or book series.  I suffered through this for at least 4 years.  I thought I simply didn’t like or could not look forward to anything anymore.  The main catalyst was the anti anxiety meds I was on.  I have been able to reignite some interests lately, thankfully.  Music, philosophy, psychology, alchemy, and baseball have been topics of great excitement.

A fellow blogger talks about her experiences dealing with deep depression.  Along with several other bloggers I follow and that follow me.  Their internal struggles mirror my own.  Lost of interests is a common theme.  As is the feeling that people don’t understand us.  The depression we are going through is not a simple mood swing.  It’s a life altering disorder that, as I have talked about before, has no true cure yet.  We try clinical psychology(most effective), medication(ineffective), and a slew of different types of healing such as sound therapy, yoga(there are MANY different types now), and more obscure methods.

A terrible sense just washed over me.  People have been cashing in on depression for ages.  Religions, cults, pharmaceutical companies, and some less scrupulous psychologists.

From my own life I can suggest other ideas to help yourself.  The first suggestion will be starting a blog.  Write all of you feelings and ideas down so you can re read them as you struggle.  Vent it all.  Let  your thoughts flow into your hands.  2nd, discover new types of music.  Differing the sounds you expose yourself to will help you slowly shift your perspective.  In eastern philosophy, a person can meditate humming a specific tone.  This helps to focus your inner self.  Listening to music is our western way of accomplishing similar effects.

For me, I went so far as to get a pair of Beat by Dre headphones to experience the music in more detail.  Neither of those ideas costs you a thing.  There are also very few negative side effect.  Side effects include digging up old memories that make you sad, angry, etc.  I’m not claiming this will cure you at all, it might just help you a little.  Without costing you a thing.

Changing your diet may also have positive effects.  Not simply eating healthier, but trying foods outside your normal comfort zones.  Try some more robust flavors beyond the over simplified Salt/Sugar/Fat ratio.  Greek food has a unique bouquet of flavors.  Indian cuisine has been know for it’s high spices levels.  Italian can offer some fantastic varieties as well.

Lastly I would encourage a different type of physical activity.  Try DDP Yoga(personal favorite).  If you are already do Yoga, try walking as well.  Diamond Dallas Page, an ex professional wrestler, developed a yoga program that provides a wider range of activity.  He designed the program to provide physical rehabilitation, strength and endurance training, and body centering yoga.  He’s also a magnificent coach in his videos.  Full of energy and encouragement so you can progress at your own pace.

I’ve listed ways of allowing yourself to change externally, to prepare yourself for the internal alterations that you desire.  It’s stated over and over again, accepting yourself is important.  I am starting to believe that it’s not the first step, it’s one of the last.  It’s a way of looking at Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.  Accepting yourself, as we are told so often becomes the goal.  The self actualization.  You might be damaged, but so are we all.  YOU are not damaged beyond repair.  You DO have value.  HAVE faith in yourself.  A CHANCE is all your need to give yourself.

Think about it this way, as I have read before, your mind is a living organism just like the rest of you.  You can rehabilitate it, it’s an unseen physical injury, you just have to figure out your fixes.

Now I just have to get this message out to the rest of us.  Until Next time, peace to you and yours.


2 thoughts on “Helping Ourselves

  1. the statement, “Think about it this way, as I have read before, your mind is a living organism just like the rest of you. You can rehabilitate it, it’s an unseen physical injury, you just have to figure out your fixes.” The hit me in a way nothing else has in a while. I have to tell you that this week has been completely draining. The depression has blinded me to little else. I know I’m not thinking right, but I don’t know how to not do it. It’s like slow poison to your mind. I hate it.

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