Being you

I’ve heard “just be yourself” more times than I can count.  What happens when you don’t even know who you are anymore?  Maybe you braced your identity against your job or significant other.  Maybe you, like me, lived in a depressed state so long that you have no clue of the real self.  My discovery process deals with finding true likes and interests versus temporary obsessions based on differing levels of gratification.  I guess we are all the things we think we are.  All that we hope for.  All that we fear.  How I see it is that all of the options in your life exist, whether we can see it that way is another story all together.  Some very fortunate people see themselves early on as who they would like to become.  For the rest of us we barrel through stages in our lives hoping something sticks.

There is more to it, but my brain is scrambled lately trying to figure myself out.   I get bogged down by a crippling fear that since I did not start chasing a dream when I was young, that I have no chance at it.  To me, I call it “just being realistic”.  I wanna kick my own ass every time I hear that in my head.  What’s the next step?  Who knows.  Until next time, peace to you and yours.


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