Song Ideas(explicit lyrics)


The following is my vulgar view of what I do.  If you are easily offended, skip this post, it’s not for you.  But if you have work days that simply drive you to the edge, read on.  Writing has been my favorite outlet.  Songs have a way of mixing words together to make sense of our chaotic lives.  Enjoy or skip it, that’s your call.(if you are related to me, you might just skip it, it’s THAT vulgar)

Line Cook Rap-Serious/Angry- attitude;

I’m a line cook bro, my pants are not pajamas,
I’m a semi pro at cooking food like bananas,
That’s not totally true I don’t enjoy that fruit,
I’m just glad I don’t work in a mother*ckin suit,
When printer spits I have to get to it,
Meat on the grill I know I won’t screw it…
Up ’cause I’m good at what I learned,
I know that sh*t won’t turn out f*ckin’ burned,
On to the next one after the other,
cookin with some homies that I call brother,
We’re brothers in arms purified by fire,
Standing in the heat feels like a pyre,
The funeral type ’cause that’s how rough it is,
Shut you’re f*ckin mouth or you’ll be eatin’ our jizz.
No offense that’s just how we talk,
Vent it out so we don’t leave a f*ckin chalk…
Outline…on the mother*ckin’ pavement,
Some days it’s not worth the payment,
Now it’s time to drop a the beat like battered cheese,
We don’t give a f*ck about you  fake allergies,
You’re… sitting at a table,
able to share fables
staring down at label,
the TV’s have cable,
talkin’ ’bout a livery stable,
That’s a live-a-ly table,
man, I hope the breads not stale.
Back to our story hand,
Cookin’ the sh*t as fast as I can.
That’s when the question is dropped,
“Will I be up soon”, then I just popped,
B*itch you know better than to ask that sh*t
Now it won’t come up until the next shift.
Not true, but I always think that,
I do my damn job don’t remind ass hat.
Just get back to your place,
yeah, better the f*ck out my face,
I got heat, meat, and a bad attitude,
It takes time it’s not convenience food,
The chaos stops and we recover,
Forget what was said now it’s over,
It’s all in past there’s no more fumin’
Never forget that we are just human.

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