a favor?

If you read my blog at all, please comment in WordPress or Facebook.  Tell me your favorite thing about our world.  Please.  Mine is music.  Your turn.


8 thoughts on “a favor?

  1. Wow… what a fantastic question! What do I love about our world? Hmm.

    I’m not sure if this is the type of answer you were looking for, but my absolute favorite experience ever is that moment when everything around you falls away, and it’s only you and the object of your attention (be it a person, a sound- like music, a kitten, whatever), and you are overcome with joy/love so strong that your chest feels like it’s about to burst and your eyes well up with tears.

    Followed closely by that moment of understanding when something you have been struggling with suddenly becomes crystal clear.

    Those two things are my reason for living. ❤

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