The real struggle of mental disorders.

To me, I find it overwhelming at times.  What is it?  It could be a simple temporary addiction to a game, TV series, or other distraction.  Or worse, it could be a chemical addiction added to a physical disorder or malady (such as nerve pain in your feet caused by Hypothyroidism or repetitive tasks like working the in the same spot for 13 years).  Once a series of events takes hold, it does not want to let go without some kind of relief.  For me, my mind gets clouded with single track thoughts.  Worry.  Concern.  Stress.  Dismay.  Situations that are normally a non issue, become a dramatic event that are baseless, but still feel serious, due to the previously mentioned chronic physical pain.

I have not been able to sit and write.  Yearning for a temporary distraction until relief can be obtained.  Those that struggle with similar issues will better understand, my explanations are often vague, it’s just my wandering train of thought.

Thanks for your time!  I hope to take up the habit of writing again soon, as it was a great method of release.

Until next time, peace to you and yours.



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