Story: Part 1


Introduction; The players.

6 members now stood around their party leader, each with determination burning in their eyes. (They will be called character names in this, for anonymity and dramatic effect!) The Pastor had just spoken, his words full of hope and warning. The Wife was shaken, but still unrelenting. The First Believer had delivered news to the FullFatherAlchmeist(The Alchemist) and startled the group. The one called The Witness let his smile shine, showering the room with serenity. The Genius and The Bearer were ready to hear the next step of their quest.

The light within Alchemist’s philosopher stone had begun to signal them all that The Alchemist himself had awaken from his decades long slumber and set upon a quest. From the urgency of the stones intonations, each of them knew it was time to stand with the Alchemist and begin a journey that none of them would ever forget.

“I shall mount this Dark Horse and challenge even the rider upon the Pale Horse, until either we succeed, or the rider takes me”, said the Alchemist.

Chapter 1; The Gathering, is it magic?

“It is my burden, this Magnum Opus, that I must bear to cure our people” said The Alchemist looking to his long time friend and assistant “I need your help, I can’t carry the false stone we carry on my own, it’s just too heavy. Will you help me shoulder this stone, while we search for the real one?” The Bearer laughed loudly, as though he had just heard the best joke ever told. “You are asking? Really? Since, you know, we have been on THE SAME QUEST FOR DECADES” he ended his laughing tirade with a roar. The pair let the conversation dissolve into the nights mirth.

The following day was full of bustle and elation in the house of the Alchemist. His mind was awash with old, forgotten memories and truths. With new ideas, and the best part of all, a new quest, he was in a hurry to get the quest started.

“Stop being so impatient, dear” his wife said, placing a consoling hand on her husband’s shoulder. “We have to wait for your friend to be ready, right?” “You’re right”, he sighed. “But I’ve been in torpor for so long, I have wasted so much time. I can’t help but champ at the bit. I’m ready, and the Ainma Mundi is not getting better on it’s own. The real Alchemist Stone is the only way to fix this mess!” His eyes were full of fire and life The Wife had never seem before. She was both soaring with joy, and terrified at the other possibility. The false lapis philosophorum had corrupted his core for so long, made him into a monster…caused so much pain and suffering. Her tumultuous emotions aside, she know she needed to show only strength right now.

“We leave for California within the day, why is everyone dragging their feet”, asked the Alchemist. “It’s like this honey”, The Wife comforted, “You woke up and started on a dead sprint to get started. It’s great you are this ready, but you forgot to eat breakfast, you’re missing a sock, and I think almost everyone could agree, you need pants on, almost.” The Alchemist just stopped in his tracks, looked at himself in the standing mirror in the hallway and took a deep breath, exhaling slowly. “You’re right, but I still say pants are overrated.” They laughed together a moment, before they went back to preparing.

“Do you really think the Syamantaka will be one of the keys?” The wife called out, half rhetorically. “I just woke up, how should I know.” He replied, chuckling. The suddenness of the campaign and the speed it came together was almost overwhelming for his newly awakened body and brain. You see, The Alchemist is not the same as you and I. His core can be moved from vessel to vessel, to suit the needs of the operator. The last suit his core was imprinted in was a shell that had been secretly corrupted by Avicenna Ibn Sina. They were seeking a more stable center stone to imprint his core on, before taking the battle to Avicenna. He absentmindedly rubbed his left breast muscle, his “heart”, or cradle of life. The previous shell had left some nasty scars on his core, when it was finally able to burn out of the shell.

“And so it was. The signal had been sent. Each heard the call in their own time. From the span of the globe, the stone’s call was heard. The anima mundi was dying” “That’s the last thing I heard before I woke up from my torpor”, said The Alchemist to the Bearer.  The Bearer shrugged and smile.  It was simple enough to him.  He’s the one that said it, before hanging up his phone just days before.

“Where do we start?” asked The Bearer.  “Southern California, to my best estimate.”  was the reply he heard as they continued walking toward ticket counter.  As they approached the counter, they could both tell this poor ticket counter girl has anywhere better to be than here.  She hadn’t looked up from her media device until The Alchemist had cleared his throat.  “Where would you like State Hopper Airlines to sweep you off to today”, the young woman droned.  Might as well have been reading the ingredients on a shampoo bottle.  “3 to Santa Monica, please”, stated the Bearer.  “First class, please.”  He added while the agent set their reservations into the system.  The transaction reminded the duo as to why the quest was started to begin with.