What if?

I believe that today, in 2017, we should be able to all see reason.  We should be able to come together as a race and start thinking like it.  What if we, as one race, could once again get together, as they did in the times of the Library of Alexandria, and re examine each religion and it’s branches to find out what unites them, rather than focus on what separates us.  Those with true faith, no matter their back ground, could come to a greater understanding of the love thy neighbor idea.  Not just the one down the street.  I mean the ones oceans away from us.  Like I have said recently, we really are not all that different.  We are all humans with thoughts and emotions.  These emotions are the same for every person.  Happy is happy, sad is sad, and so on.  The only difference is the ones we create within our own paradigm.  Remember when we were children?  The only way we had an issue with another human is if they did something directly to us.  Otherwise every face was someone new and exciting to meet.  Somewhere along the way we lost that awe and wonderment.  Taught early on that we are all different.  Special little snowflakes.  No two are alike.  Polarized.

I am no one of consequence.  I don’t have a degree yet.  I am a simple cook in the middle of the USA.  If I can come to this understanding, it’s not hard for me to believe that a greater majority could too.  Stop looking at what makes us separated.  We can all be different without being at odds.

How do we get to this point?  I don’t have those answers.  I wish I did.  We have to take back our world.  Have a great day.  Peace to you and yours.